Diffuse Emission

in Galaxy Clusters

FOR 1254

Meeting 2017

29. - 31. May, Garching

Diffuse radio in emission in galaxy clusters shows spectacular features, looks nice and is barely understood. In the DFG research unit we have search for those features, modelled processes in the intra-cluster medium and studied the origin of the diffuse emission.

The aim of the meeting 2017 is to discuss the our current understating of the origin of diffuse emission and to compare observations and simulations.

The format of the meeting will be: short presentations of current work which help to understand the origin of diffuse emission, a few 'debating-club'-like sessions on dedicated topics, e.g. if the ICM is turbulent on small-scales or if radio relics are caused by re-acceleration, and a significant amount of time will be dedicated to collaborative work.

Organised by

Matthias Hoeft and Klaus Dolag