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Photographic plateholder

Up to 1995 the Schmidt focus was only used in connection with photographic plates. A catalogue containing the main data of our plates is available via anonymous ftp.

An online search for plates is also available.

The following table shows some parameters of our photographic Schmidt:

Size of a photographic plate 24cm x 24 cm
Field of view (unvignetted) 3.3° x 3.3°
Plate scale 51.4 arcsec/mm
Used color bands filters
Johnson U UG2
Johnson B GG13
Johnson V GG11
Limiting magnitude ≈ 20.0 mag in U
≈ 21.5 mag in B
≈ 20.5 mag in V
≈ 20.5 mag in R

For more information concerning the photographic Schmidt, please contact Helmut Meusinger <meus@tls-tautenburg.de>.