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Dienstag, 22.08.2017, 14:00 Uhr, Seminarraum, TLS

Denis Wittor, Sternwarte Hamburg
Shocks and Turbulence in Galaxy Clusters

Galaxy clusters are the largest gravitational bound objects in the Universe known today. They form and evolve by accretion of matter and mergers with other clusters during processes of hierarchical structure formation. During those events shock waves and turbulence are developed in the intracluster medium, a hot plasma permeating clusters, leading to both particle acceleration and magnetic field amplification. In this work I will present our most recent work on those phenomena. We obtained the presented results by combining our Lagrangian analysis tool with state-of-the-art magneto-hydrodynamic simulations.
Dienstag, 05.09.2017, 14:30 Uhr, Seminarraum, TLS

Matthias Richter, Dessau
Nikolaus Benjamin Richter (1910 bis 1980) - Astronom, Gründungsdirektor des Observatoriums Tautenburg, Meteorologe, Topograf, Wüstenforscher und Maler

B. Stecklum, 221.08.2017