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Astronomical pictures taken with the Tautenburg Schmidt Camera

The image gallery pages present selected astronomical images taken with the Tautenburg Schmidt Camera on photographic plates or CCD. The effective size of the plates is 23cm x 23cm. This is equivalent to a field of view of 3.3° x 3.3° on the sky. For comparison: The full Moon has an apparent diameter of 0.5°. The CCD uses only a field of 0.7° x 0.7°, but is much more sensitve and thus needs only shorter exposure times.

The photographic plates have been completely digitized by means of the Tautenburg Plate Scanner. The linear resolution is 10µm x 10µm (0.5" x 0.5") per pixel. Thus, the resulting digital images of the photographic plates are 23000 x 23000 pixels in size. Each pixel is digitized with 4096 grey levels (12 bit resolution). This results in 1 GB of data per digitized plate.

The following pictures are presented either as grey-scale images or as colour composits. The grey-scale images show the intensity distribution of the oncoming light as registered by the detector (photographic plate or CCD). In contrast, the colour images are the result of a digital combination of several grey-scale images of the same part of the sky taken through different filters. The digital colour images are created by the assignment of the individual grey-scale images to a corresponding colour channel (red, green and blue). If several images of the same pass-band were available, these images were digitally co-added in a first step to achieve a higher signal-to-noise ratio.

Some images are displayed with reduced resolution. The reproduction is allowed for private purposes or for education only, provided that the source "Thüringer Landessternwarte Tautenburg" is cited. Any publication or commercial usage request a prior written consent of the Thüringer Landessternwarte. All copyrights remain at the Thüringer Landessternwarte Tautenburg.