Search for Plates

in the Tautenburg Schmidt Catalogue

This coordinate search is performed in the plate catalogue of the Tautenburg Schmidt telescope.
A description of the available data for each plate is given in schmidoc.txt.
The plate size is 230mm × 230mm. In addition to the data for the listed plates, you will find the x,y position of your object on the plate (positive x means that the object is to the west of the plate centre, positive y means that the object is to the north). Also plates with x,y positions outside the nominal plate size are listed, because of the uncertainties in the coordinates of the plate centres in the log-book. In all cases with x or y larger than ±100mm one should inspect the plate!

Please enter coordinates (Equinox 2000):

It is necessary to use the given format including leading zeros and the sign of Dec!
   RA (hh:mm:ss)          Dec (±dd:mm)

Responsible for:

Mathematics of the search: Dirk Froebrich
C-Programming            : Jörg Schiller
Plate Catalogue, HTML    : Rainer Ziener