Triton-Event observed

Animation der Bedeckung

Dear colleagues,

the Triton occultation is history by now, and we could observe it. We started taking data four hours before the event, while Triton and the star were still well separated. A terrible problem with the computer monitor seemed to stop us then, but the called-out-of-bed Bernd Fuhrmann solved it. He stayed on the platform with us until the end of the observations, in case it would happen again. A very big thank you for that!!

Unfortunately, during the time of the occultation a field of clouds moved over us so that we could observe the occultation, but not see the scientificly most interesting ingress and egress for measureing Triton's atmosphere. Attached is a small animation that shows the event in five steps - three images during the approach, one during the occultation (which is much more noisy because integration time for exact measurements of the occultation was set to 60 millisec, while it was 1 sec for all other images), and one image of the end, when Triton and the star were just separating again. Our telescope was pointing just 17 degrees above the horizon then.

Many thanks to all that made these observations possible!!

Best wishes, Jochen Eislöffel