The Thüringer Landessternwarte Tautenburg organizes a spring school, "The 2nd Tautenburg School for Advanced Astronomical Observations: Imaging and Photometry" from 4th to 13th April, 2016. The two-week observing course aims to introduce students to advanced observational techniques using state-of-the-art research instruments. The course will include lectures, observations, and data reduction. Lectures and training on how to reduce the data will be given in the afternoon, and observations in the night. The students will have opportunity to use both the 2-m Alfred Jensch and the Tautenburg search for exoplanet telescope (TEST). In case of bad weather, we will provide archival data that the participants can use.

Topics that will be covered in the lectures are:

    - Telescopes
    - Detectors
    - Photometry
    - Imaging
    - Data reduction
    - Radial velocity measurements
    - Time series analysis

The school is open to advanced undergraduates and graduate students in the field of astronomy. Participation is limited to a number of about 12 persons.

Jozef Nedoroscik