The 3rd Tautenburg Course for Advanced Astronomical Observations: Echelle Spectroscopy

The "The 3rd Tautenburg School for Advanced Astronomical Observations: Echelle Spectroscopy" from September 20 - October 1, 2018. The 10-day observing course will introduce students to advanced observational techniques using state-of-the-art research instruments. The focus of the 2018 school is spectroscopic observations with echelle spectrographs with an emphasis on techniques for the detection and characterization of exoplanets (orbital parameters, mass, radius and atmospheres. This year's school is part of a Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) Priority Program SPP1992 Exploring the Diversity of Extrasolar Planets (SPP 1992). The course will include lectures, observations, and data reduction. Lectures and training on how to reduce the data will be given in the afternoon, and observations in the night. The students will primarily the 2-m Alfred Jensch and Coude Echelle Spectrograph as well as the Tautenburg search for exoplanet telescope (TEST). In the event of bad weather, we will provide archival data that the participants can use.

Topics that will be covered in the lectures are:

    - Telescopes
    - Spectrographs and detectors
    - Stellar spectroscopy
    - Echelle data reduction
    - Stellar Radial velocity measurements
    - Periodogram analyses

A drone view captured by MDR Thüringen of the Observatory can be seen by clicking here.

The school is open to advanced undergraduates and graduate students in the field of astronomy. Participation is limited to a number of about 12-16 persons.

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